Rental Cars

The Potentials of Used Rental Cars

When you book with Dollar Car Rental you can get 15% off the cost of a weekend car rental rate by using a Groupon promo code.  A weekly rental of a vehicle can also be done at a 15% discount with a Groupon promo code.  Those same cars are later sold by the company at a major discount.  The company usually has the cars overhauled and thoroughly cleaned.  And they are often equipped with new tires.  So even with the mileage the vehicle has accumulated while it was being used as a rental vehicle, it may seem like it has almost rolled out of a dealer showroom. If you purchase a rental vehicle you should have it checked out by an independent mechanic prior to signing the purchase.  One of the major handicaps of purchasing a vehicle online is the inability to have such an inspection or check done prior to making the deal; this is why many people are reluctant to encourage the concept of online vehicle sales transactions.  You may consider such a transaction by making any purchase contingent upon the result of a vehicle check by an independent mechanic.  That mechanic should be someone that both buyer and seller agree upon – perhaps by the original vehicle company retailer’s maintenance shop specialists.  The money spent both parties for the check will be far less than the expenses that can result from legal actions and criminal accusations that occur if either party feels they’ve been cheated. The other issue of concern when conducting vehicle sales transactions online is the viability of the sales transaction in the eyes of the governmental jurisdiction where the deal is conducted. Many states have different rules regarding approval of title transfer.  Sometimes it may be necessary to put the vehicle title in the hands of a third party - bank, insurance firm or lending company – before the government agency will approve the transfer to the purchaser.  This may result in a need for legal counsel that will drive up the costs of the deal.  These issues are difficult to handle via internet, and must be considered by those engaged in the process.