Automotive Marketing Spotlight: How Do People Shop For Cars?

Buying a pre-owned vehicle is incredibly easy to do. The process is fairly straightforward and can take less than a day to complete. However, the way people shop for a new vehicle today is very different from the way it was ten or twenty years ago. Back then, most people went directly to their local car dealership and found what they were after. Today, people look at local sellers as well as dealerships, with more going online to find their new vehicle. Ultimately, automotive marketing is what drives people to buy. So, how do people really shop for cars today?

Shopping With a Friend

The majority of shoppers love some alone time when they shop but with cars, it’s very different. This is a purchase you can’t really take back and as such, more buyers are wary over what they buy. Those looking for a new vehicle don’t want to do it alone because they’re afraid they’ll miss something or be sweet-talked into buying a lemon for a car. Also, most buyers need and want a second opinion. They want a fresh set of unbiased eyes to look at the vehicle and reassure them its right for them. While automotive marketing can influence where buyers shop and the type of vehicle they’re drawn to, the final sale is down to the actual buyer.

When Buying a Pre-Owned Vehicle, Almost All Research Is Done Online

Buyers usually do a fair bit of research when they’re searching for a car. They’ll scout online for more information about the vehicle they want and look for the best deals and places to buy from. That’s how automotive marketing hooks them. In reality, buyers, no matter what they’re looking for, first go online to research and learn more about what they’re interested in buying. Research is incredibly important and something buyers usually do before they part with their cash. For more information, visit:

Seasonal Differences

Fewer buyers venture out to showrooms and dealerships in the wintertime. No-one wants to look at a vehicle in the freezing rain or snow; they’d much prefer in the warmer months. There are differences in the jump of sales during the warmer months than in colder months. Also, those who are buying a pre-owned vehicle, expect to see better sales or deals during the winter months.

Buyers Are Attracted To Quality True Ads

Dealerships don’t always prioritize their online ads; some believe they don’t matter as long as their cars look good. The reality is that most buyers go online to conduct their initial search and ads are usually the first thing they see. Ads can draw their eye and they must be made a priority as they can boost sales. Automotive marketing needs to be on par online as well as offline because simple ads attract customers.

Shoppers Are Savvy

Buyers are always looking for ways to save and they are being more cautious before they part with their money. Vehicle sales may be steady but buyers are wary as they don’t want to waste their hard-earned cash. Shoppers are becoming savvier and it’s understandable; that’s why car marketing has changed so much over the years. Buyers are doing things differently to find the best deal and that means dealerships have to adapt to those changes. Buying a pre-owned vehicle is a big step for most buyers so they’re airing on the side of caution more so than ever before. Check here!