How to Sell Your Car Online Without Getting Ripped Off

Scammers are everywhere! Know how they operate and you can laugh at their attempts to part you and your property, money or both! Don't accept cash, checks, or even cashier’s checks as payment. Until you verify them. Really, every form of payment has a risk, but these rank highest in my mind. There is plenty of counterfeit cash out there. Just go to Staples or Office Depot and buy one of those highlighter looking counterfeit detection pens to verify the bills if your buyer is planning on paying with cash. Cashier’s checks are kind of tricky, they are easy enough to fake, and, like I mentioned before, fake ones will usually clear when you deposit or cash them. Calling the bank, it is drafted on and verifying the funds is the only way I would consider taking one. If the buyer who is buying a new vehicle can't or won't produce a phone number for you to call and verify, just hand them the check and move to the next buyer.

Don't even consider shipping your car. Period.

A popular scam is for someone to pose on a vehicle advertising site as a buyer (usually from overseas) that wants you to ship your car to them. The usual bait is that they offer to pay you well above market value for your trouble. Next, they will send you a nice, big, bogus check, which supposedly includes the shipping costs. You cash the check (it will clear), ship them the vehicle, and go spend the extra couple thousand dollars or so they were so generous to give you. There's an easy way to avoid this... simply do not, EVER, sell a car to someone that wants you to ship it to them or who has offered to pay you much more than you know your car is worth.

Don't let anyone test drive your car without you.

You would think that car thieves wouldn't be so dumb as to come introduce themselves to you before they drive away with your car, but it happens. Yes, they might even show you their driver’s license (you did check it right?) before they drive your car away. Good information for when you have to call the police, right? Not good. False ID... fake name... I doubt you got that good of a description of them either. Your car may very well be in pieces somewhere before you realize they aren't coming back. Ouch.

Don't sell your car from your home.

Crimes of opportunity can only happen when there's an opportunity. Sometimes, people of the more crooked sort will not be targeting your car. What better way to set up a burglary than to drive your car, talk with you for a while, find out if you're an easy target or not, maybe even come inside and pretend to negotiate just so they can see if you have valuable stuff? Oh, yes, they know you have a high chance of having a fat wallet in the next few days also! Yes, it happens, but it doesn't have to happen to you. Be cautious, be aware of your surroundings, and follow your instincts. If you don't feel comfortable with the situation or the person buying pre-owned vehicle, just don't sell it. Check out with for more informations and help.

How to Sell More in a Down Market – The Leadership Secrets to Dynamite Sales Results

Accepting the basic premise of how to sell more cars in a down market is vital for success in selling more in a down market. The premise is for you to "take a leadership approach to your sales responsibilities". This leadership approach is straightforward and practical.

From the Accepting Accountability Section

Sales volumes are at record lows; you've never sold so little, and your commission checks have never been so small. You need how to sell more cars, for instance, and you need to make more money... and you need it now! Is it possible that:
  • Previous good markets turned you into an order taker, and you forgot how to sell?
  • You've worked your trap line for years and it's finally dried up?
  • You've convinced yourself that there is no business to get?
  • You are talking too much and not listening for opportunities?
  • You just don't know what to do about it?

From the Get and Stay Motivated Section

Self-motivation is an important ingredient to the successful sales professional regardless of the current market place. When the vehicle advertising market is down, it is even more critical to create a self-motivating environment. If you still are having a difficult time finding passion in the down market, here are a few suggestions for you to consider:
  • Stop listening to the depressing news on talk radio and the 24-hour television news channels.
  • Create a list of things that make you happy and keep a copy with you wherever you go.
  • Keep a photo of something that makes you smile near your side.
  • Before you get in your car in the morning, walk around the yard, and smell the roses.
  • Find a mentor—someone you can talk to who will keep you on a positive track.
  • Don't hang around people who aren't fun and exciting to be around. Find upbeat, positive, forward-looking people with whom you can surround yourself.
  • Find a mentor—someone you can talk to who will keep you on a positive track.

From the Plan Like a Leader Section

Leaders spend a large portion of their time creating plans, implementing plans, measuring/monitoring plan performance and adjusting their plans. The components of a sales responsibility plan I recommend include:
  • A mission statement
  • A SWOT analysis
  • A set of objectives that help you achieve your mission
  • Tactics or action plans to achieve your goals

From the Self Development Section

For some reason, many companies elect to slow down, minimize or entirely eliminate the expense associated with training and developing their people when there is a down market. Most automotive email marketing sales professionals don't typically set time aside for self-development. They're usually too busy looking after customers or solving problems. You may have an individual development plan, but is it really aggressive enough to help you sell more in a down market?  Check out this link for more informations and help: